Qmatic is the world leading Queue Management and Customer Flow Solution Provider. We develop, manufacture, install and support a wide variety of hardware and software products and applications designed to make our client's customer service delivery effective and efficient.

Orchestra will change the way your business operates at the sharp end where the customers are. Orchestra puts you in central control of your customer’s experience. Orchestra allows you to define the way your team will handle customers when they visit your branch – any of your branches. It allows your whole organization to work in harmony – no matter how large or complex it is.

Queuing is a fact of life. When it is managed it’s a business opportunity. Qmatic Mobile allows your customers to connect with your service in the multi-channel world. Your customers will be happier with a serving process that is fair and clear — and that even offers directions. You will be happier because your process will be more cost effective and you will soon find that you can serve more people with less resource. With our mobile framework you can easily create your own app or integrate to your existing apps.

Calendar & Booking

Is Calendar and online appointment booking for you? Being able to control the appointment process is a good thing. On its own though all you will know is that people have a time to be with you. What is helpful is when you can ensure the appointment glides into the serving process in a way that time isn’t lost and the experience is seamless.

Orchestra offers a web based business intelligence (BI) option. It is very easy to use being, for example, fully drag and drop based and it can integrate with third party data to create even clearer pictures of your business. It’s powerful graphical approach means it’s easy to get right to the heart of the important questions and answer them, just when you need to. You can even see your vital business intelligence in smart business applications in the hands of your staff.


Capture and present data over time periods you define to allow you to see at a glance the health of your business. Raw number or performance against KPIs can be reported. Parameters can be compared and calculated to make reading as straightforward as possible.


The Analysis module provides you with a tool to find the drivers and answer the question “why?” The tool is designed for both ad-hoc use and incorporation into standard regular output channels.


See at a glance how your business is functioning using the Dashboard capability. Dashboards can contain multiple graphs, charts, tables and other indicators to highlight key performances.

Digital Signage - Context Marketing

When we set about designing the Orchestra Digital Signage solution we knew that the value of communication is in the messages and creating content is a challenge. So the last thing you need is another challenge just getting the messages onto your screens. Our solution had to be as simple to use as possible. Orchestra’s digital signage and the Context Marketing Planner solution is unique in that it gives you control of all the surfaces in the branch and not just the big screens on the wall. This allows you to build up your message in stages for greater impact. What is more; messages can be tailored to customers based on their service selection ensuring the right messages are targeted at the right customers.

Customer Feedback

Connecting Orchestra with our customer feedback device Expressia where customers can evaluate their service experience by pressing smiley buttons is a quick and effortless solution ensuring an unparalleled amount of daily feedback. Continuous feedback helps staff to maintain a high level of service impacting positively on the customer experience and loyalty. Management gets vital statistics as tool to improve the operations.

Qmatic Solo is a perfect match to control the customer flow and to support staff serving customers in any environment. We have created Solo to be modular, which means that you can start with a base solution to suit your needs and pocket – and add features as your situation evolves. Solo is proven through thousands of installation and it is a simple, powerful and standalone system that;

1. Organizes queues and provides management information
2. Is easy to install, stand-alone and no need for a PC
3. Is ideal for branches with multiple service categories and basic needs and.
4. Allows central monitoring of branches using the central software Qmatic Management Portal.

By using Solo Mobile it is possible to generate e-mail messages and alerts to both staff and customers. Setting up Solo towards SMS gateway makes it also possible to send SMS to specific receivers. Users provide contact information (e.g. Phone number in the kiosk) and then they will be able to keep their place in the queue and get alerts when it is their turn.

Solo fully supports the usage of LCD screens to show queue information in combination with other messages. It is possible to display text, images and video, as well as information from the Solo. Using Solo in combination with the Qmatic media player Cinematic further enhances the digital signage capabilities. It is also possible to integrate queue information from Solo to third party digital signage solutions.

Giving your customers clear direction for a long time to come. Hesitation and confusion is a waste of time for everybody. By providing clear direction, Notes helps speed up the flow and gives customers confidence that they are moving in the right direction. Our way finding displays are flexible, cost effective and designed and manufactured to last the lifetime of your situation.


  • Thanks to high manufacturing quality, our displays offer exceptional reliability and low cost of ownership.
  • The intelligence to manage itself, reducing communication traffic and increasing reliability. All text and messages are stored in the unit, freeing up valuable memory space in your system.
  • It is possible deliver a message in one color and use a different color for another message. Or have different colors for different services using multiple displays in combination.
  • You can use any font or language, including Arabic and Chinese, and animate text as you wish to highlight a particular message.
  • Qmatic displays are lightweight and easy to mount. The signal and power travel down one cable for quick and easy installation.

Vision and Sound

Speed the process and give certainty. Call customers with a polite voice in any language. People can get distracted while waiting to be served. Perhaps they are looking at merchandise or messages, for example.
Our product for voice & sound is real voice prompt that allows you to politely call your customers — and speed up the process.


  • Using Voice & Sound eliminates the stress of having to call out for customers and makes your service more professional, organized and polite.
  • Voice prompts offer reassurance since customers can hear that people are being called forward and served. As a result, they tend to move more quickly.
  • It gives your customers clear direction – reducing hesitation that can slow down the serving process.
  • Our product is a real voice delivered digitally in 16 bit and up to 48 kHz. Simply put, it is human and sounds human – making your service seem friendly and real.

Every organisation wants to get its message across. The challenge is to do it in a way that engages the audience. That means delivering useful, helpful and engaging content. Qmatic’s media player Cinematic allows you to do exactly this and, because you can combine your content with service information, you know your content is being looked at. Simply put, everybody benefits.


  • Using Cinematic means you don’t need PC’s or live streaming. All the content is stored and ready to be played when and where you need it.
  • The ability to control still and HD moving images means you can be creative and deliver important, entertaining and engaging content.
  • If you combine Cinematic with Orchestra Customer Journey Planner you can control the message that appears on a number of surfaces throughout the customer’s journey — and get your message to where it counts.
  • Bringing all the content elements together, on your screen, could be complex. Queue information, pop up’s and moving images. Cinematic takes that complexity and makes it smooth and simple.
  • Cinematic gives the capability to plug in any type of video feed. This means that you can enhance your own content with entertainment, which further reduces the perception of waiting time.

Self Service Kiosks

Take a lead in customer experience!
Manage your first physical customer touch point with self service kiosks from Qmatic.
Empower your customers with tools that allow them to choose between services, check-in for appointments, find the way or simply to take a ticket to a queue.


  • Purpose-built for environments with extensive usage. A Qmatic self service kiosk is designed to do its job for you – for a long period of time.
  • A unique selection of touch screens or screens with buttons.
  • Choose or combine the kiosks that suit your operations and premises, the coherent design allows for having a mix of kiosks, all working together.
  • By adding different types of readers (card/barcode/QR code) you can add even more value to your service.
  • All our kiosks have a low power consumption to support the environmental thinking as well as keeping your costs down.
  • All kiosks use Linux, a stable, quick and safe operating system.
  • All kiosks are designed by Qmatic and manufactured in our own factory with one purpose in mind, providing the best self service kiosks possible.

Qmatic Intro 17 Self Service Kiosk

The largest self service kiosk in our range.


  • All the intelligence you need to give great service in one device. This makes things simple and reduces your technical worries and cost.
  • Size and flexibility to suit any type of service or information you would like to provide.
  • A capacitive 17 inch touch screen meaning that hardly any pressure is needed. And the angle of the screen makes it visible in a wide range of environments.
  • Fully flexible to work with any Qmatic system, meaning that upgrades to new systems can be made without any investment loss.
  • If you have a Qmatic Solo solution all system information is stored at the plugin “MyQmatic” plug-in. Should you ever need to replace a device, all your settings can be quickly retrieved.
  • Timeless classical design, manufactured in aluminum and glass.

Qmatic Intro 8 Self Service Kiosk

Flexibility in a convenient size


  • When a larger kiosk is not needed or would not fit your premises.
  • An 8 inch high capacitive touch screen with a completely new modern design and technology. Providing the same feeling as with smart phones.
  • Low power consumption (if 1000 tickets are printed per 24 hours, then it is in idle mode 23 hours and 44 minutes).
  • High flexibility in number services and languages that can be displayed.
  • Key lock.
  • Standalone (in a Qmatic Solo system) or as a client in a larger system (like Qmatic Orchestra).
  • Depending on your premises and preferences it can be installed on tables, walls or pedestals.

Qmatic Intro 5 Self Service Kiosk

Simplicity in a convenient size


  • Ideal when you prefer to display a limited numbers of service choices or information.
  • When a larger kiosk is not needed or would not fit your premises.
  • Low power consumption (if 1000 tickets are printed per 24 hours, then it is in idle mode 23 hours and 44 minutes).
  • Back light buttons which means that they are easy to see.
  • Efficient way of exchanging service names attached to the buttons.
  • Key lock.
  • Standalone (in a Qmatic Solo system) or as a client in a larger system (like Qmatic Orchestra).
  • Depending on your premises and preferences it can be installed on tables, walls or pedestals.

Linear Queuing

With Solo Linea, the process is managed and fair so that customers are more willing to wait. Simply put, they know it’s just a matter of time before being served. Using the audio and visual prompts, you can serve more customers with less resource. This is good for customers – and more cost effective for you.


  • Call forward efficiency. Calling customers forward with Solo Linea gives clarity to the process — and gives you back service time.
  • Reduces hesitation. With Choral voice prompt, customers know they are going to the right place to be served, reducing hesitation and time. It also lets customers with hearing or visual impairments get fast and fair service.
  • Easy to install and deploy. Solo Linea is easy to install and deploy in your existing service environment, and staff will find it quick and easy to adopt. No PC required.
  • Digital signage. You can run your own slide show with Solo Linea and with our Cinematic player you can run video too.



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